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Description of the BLBCA

Due to their remoteness, lodge access is mechanized in the winter (mostly by helicopter). In the summer several lodges are accessible by hiking. Once at the lodge, all activities are non-mechanized, falling in line with our commitment to leave as small a footprint as possible.

All lodges are located in mountainous regions of British Columbia, generally situated at or above treeline in what is generally referred to as the “alpine”.

BLBCA Mission

To offer adventurers the most extensive backcountry accommodation network in Canada and to provide a forum for information sharing between member lodges.

BLBCA Vision

To enable Association lodges to touch the lives of guests with awe-inspiring adventures throughout British Columbia’s inimitable backcountry.

General Description

The following is a description of the membership criteria concerning the Backcountry Lodges of BC Association (BLBCA).

In order to be considered for membership in the BLBCA, applicants are asked to meet the following criteria:

  • Support the goals and objectives of the BLBCA. Those include but are not limited to:
    • Respect for the backcountry/alpine/wilderness that the BLBCA members operate in.
    • Adherence to land zoning as set out by the governments responsible.
    • Adherence to BC’s Wildlife Guidelines for Backcountry Tourism/Commercial Recreation in British Columbia.
    • Support of the BLBCA’s marketing initiatives, where applicable.
    • Where applicable, adherence to the employment standards as set out by the appropriate decision maker, typically government.

Classes of Membership

The following are classes of membership within the BLBCA:

  • Full member
  • Associate member
  • Affiliate Member

For more information, please contact:

Brad Harrison
Executive Director

Ron Andrews


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Responsible Tourism in the Backcountry

As leaders in sustainability initiatives, Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association take responsible tourism seriously so that you can enjoy unspoiled wilderness in the years to come – and stay safe on your adventures.