Essential Gear Lists

The Essentials

Here are some basics that most backcountry enthusiasts will bring on a trip. We’ve broken it down into season for you; winter and summer. We’ve also divided the gear into categories: safety gear, other essential gear and gear for the lodges.

Remember that the lists below are geared for trips at BLBCA lodges; so for example, you won’t see backcountry camping items. These lists are starting points; be sure to check in with your respective lodge to get the full run down of the gear you will need.

One general rule for any backcountry outing, no matter the season, lightweight is key. Please keep this in mind for all items.


Winter Gear

Summer Gear


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Why would you want to go to a backcountry lodge? We’ll let one of our guests tell you… 

“Thank you for my best holiday ever! My favourite part was making dandy-lion tea in the fort we built and seeing pikas and marmots. I like their ‘eek’. My mom says she liked the flowers and the hot tub.” – Tom, 8, Edmonton