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Dump Sites Litter BC Backcountry

BLBCA_LatestNews_Garbage_SummerSeptember 11, 2016 – Four burned-out cars line a trail near Beaver Lake in the mountains above Kelowna.

At Long Meadow Lake in the Okanagan Highlands, hikers encounter ducks, a pair of herons and an abandoned camper.

Lac du Bois Grasslands near Kamloops is known for its sweeping vistas, marred only by the sight of a discarded hot tub in the sea of waving grass.

A Facebook page recently created by fed-up backcountry users in the B.C. Interior catalogues illegal dump sites and draws attention to what some say is a growing problem.

Member’s photos show pristine wilderness areas littered with debris — from abandoned vehicles to shotgun shells to camping equipment.

The page’s goal, says its administrator, is to educate and inspire people to help with cleanup efforts.

“I can’t find one clean logging road,” said Kane Blake, a Kelowna landscaper and avid outdoorsman. “There’s always garbage, vehicles, electronics, the list goes on and on.”

BC Tourism Numbers Spike

BLBCA_LatestNews_Aug30September 6, 2016 – British Columbia saw a huge increase in international tourists for the first half of 2016, up just over 12 per cent from the year before.

Statistics Canada tracked the number of overnight visitors to the province between January and June, counting over 2.3 million people.

It’s a 12.4 per cent increase from the same period in 2015.

The biggest increases came from the United States, China, and Mexico. Visitors from south of the border increased by 12.4 per cent, from China by 22 per cent, and from Mexico by 38.6 per cent.

“Tourism is off to a spectacular start this summer,” said Destination B.C. CEO Marsha Walden in a statement.

Remember to Douse That Campfire

BLBCA_LatestNews_Campfire_Summer August 26, 2016 – The BC Wildfire Service is urging campers and backcountry enthusiasts to take better care with campfires.

A rash of abandoned campfires in the Cariboo Fire Centre the past few weeks led to the warning.

Campfire must fully extinguished before leaving for any extended period.

While temperatures are expected to cool over the coming days, little rain is forecast and gusty winds are possible.

Wildfires are easily started when winds blow sparks and embers into surrounding forests.

Since the start of the fire season, the BC Wildfire Service has responded to 936 wildfires, 443 of which were human caused. Nearly 100,000 hectares of forest has burned.

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