Adventure Tourism

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Adventure travel is an activity, vacation or leisure travel that can take place in unusual, exotic, or wilderness destinations. These activities include hard adventures (rock climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking) or can be softer adventures (snowshoeing, hiking, SUPing, trail running). The level of difficulty is up to the traveller.

BLBCA members offer many of these adventure travel experiences in a comfortable, lodge-based environment. Guests are often led by experienced, certified guides, allowing them to experience “real” wilderness in a safer environment, with many of the amenities and comforts of being at home.

Adventure Tourism in BC

When travellers research BC, they see a place that boasts the broadest collection of the world’s most remarkable adventure experiences. They are treated to meticulously curated visual displays that present our province at its very best. They see iconic imagery of visitors exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Inside Passage in sea kayaks, or accessing awe-inspiring mountain ranges via helicopters, snowcats, snowmobiles, and skis.

They see people ski touring from the comfort of remote backcountry mountain lodges and alpine skiing at some of the best resorts in the world. They see magnificent wildlife in wild places, fly-fishing in pristine lakes and streams, and mountain biking along thousands of kilometres of world-class singletrack through lush rainforest and flowing grasslands.

Adventure Tourism is a cornerstone of BC’s visitor economy.

Photo – Mark Masterson

Foundational Pillars for Adventure Tourism

Environment & Education

Increasingly, visitors are seeking educational and enriching travel opportunities. Adventure tourism is a key means by which local residents and non-resident visitors learn about our province’s diverse ecosystems and natural environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Many businesses are recognized as global leaders in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. These businesses help spread awareness of the ways in which their industry can continue to grow while minimizing any negative impact on the communities and landscape in which they operate. BLBCA members follow the BC Government’s Tourism Wildlife Viewing Guidelines, are active with BC’s Species-At-Risk program and support many local conservation efforts.

Social Access

Adventure tourism facilitates access to the outdoors. Being led by a certified guide means that many visitors can safely access areas and experience adventures that they might not be able to do on their own.

Social Emergency Response

Adventure tourism workers such as fishing guides, heli/cat skiing guides, pilots, and lodge staff are often first responders in emergency situations and provide essential back-country risk management and information services.

Social General Health & Well-Being

Adventure travel is rejuvenating and transformative as it allows people the opportunity to participate in challenging, inspiring activities in dramatic natural settings, which fosters healthy outdoor lifestyles.

BLBCA is a proud member of the Adventure Tourism Coalition (ATC)

The BC Adventure Tourism Coalition is a collaboration between 19 sectors engaging with public recreation and industrial user groups.  The coalition strives to:

  • Improve relationships between resource users.
  • Develop proactive protocols for interactions with public recreationalists like you.
  • Identify the tourism and recreation values in land management.
  • Identify tourism scenic areas.
  • Maintain the quality of BC’s environment and natural resources.

The 4 Short-Term Goals of the ATC

Forestry & Lands

Improve the policy and regulatory environment to remove impediments and increase business certainty for Adventure Tourism and Public Recreation.

Regional Collaboration

To achieve harmonized management and administration for tourism, recreation, fish, wildlife and habitat stewardship and management across the province.

Socio-Economic Value

Work with communities in developing and maintaining sustainable adventure tourism and recreation opportunities.

Stewardship & Management

Promote and realize sustainable use and wise stewardship of the province’s natural resources with the adventure tourism and recreation sectors.