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It’s been an epic winter in the backcountry and we’ve compiled a look at just how awesome it’s been so far, with this collection of images and info from some of our member lodges. To view a complete list of our lodges and their offerings, click here.

The season began with perfect conditions, and many of the lodges opened their doors to snow piled up high. Wells Gray Adventures welcomed a beautiful start to their season, while blue bird skies awaited the fine folks of Dezaiko Lodge. At Campbell Icefield Chalet the staff reported great conditions during their lodge opening preparations and Icefall Lodge’s staff enjoyed training in the best early season conditions ever experienced! Fresh turns were carved in light powder at Canadian Adventure Company’s Mallard Mountain Lodge and the word from Mount Carlyle Lodge was that the powder was getting deep, deep, deep.

There’s been plenty of fresh snow to enjoy so far this year, and conditions have been great. From amazing deep, light powder and many laughs at Sol Mountain Lodge. To the commanding peaks at Golden Alpine Holidays, spectacular snow and pillows at Blanket Glacier Chalet, and the pristine alpine near Talus Lodge on a crisp winter day.

There are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful BC backcountry. No matter what your skill level is, whether you’re a small or large group, or if you want to enjoy time with the whole family, there’s something for everyone. Touring in the incredible terrain at Powder Creek Lodge. Enjoying some magical weather, big terrain and skiing in small groups at Selkirk Mountain Experience. Relaxing in the sauna after a day of perfect conditions at Amwiski Lodge. And taking the whole family snowshoeing and Nordic skiing at Callaghan Country’s Journeyman Lodge.

The unmatched scenery makes the BC backcountry a must visit for any nature enthusiast. Wonderful scenery is everywhere with views of amazing mountain ranges and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. At Valhalla Mountain Lodge views of a spectacular sunset was followed by shredding 2000 feet of cold smoke back to the lodge. While everyone enjoyed the evening winter wonderland at Battle Abbey.

It’s not too late to enjoy the magic this winter! Book your stay at one of our amazing lodges today.

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