Gratitude For Powder

Dolores LaChapelle once said, “Joy is the response of a lover receiving what he loves. This is the joy we feel when skiing powder… This overflowing gratitude is what produces the absolutely stupid, silly grins that we always flash at one another at the bottom of a powder run. We all agree that we never see these grins anywhere else in life”.

Grins were certainly ablaze at the Backcountry Lodge of BC this February as many reported incredible amounts of snowfall, for instance, 2.5 meters in 2 weeks, or 5 feet in 5 days. Yes, the powder skiing has been plentiful and is worth checking out!

Reserve your powder skiing week at a backcountry lodge of BC now, as space is booking fast for next season.

Photo: Selkirk Mountain Experience/ Durrand Glacier Chalet