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  • Campbell Icefield Chalet

    Campbell Icefield Chalet offers great ski touring from 1,400 metres (4,500 ft) to a max of 3,300 metres (10,800 ft), the longest run is more than 1,500 vertical metres! We welcome groups, self-guided/self-catered with catering and guiding options available within a comfortable modern lodge. The average settled snow base varies Read more […]

  • Dave Henry Lodge

    Dave Henry Lodge is a pleasant log cabin that blends into its mountain setting. Built with local logs, it provides a warm and comfortable base for exploring the wild backcountry of Mt. Robson Park. Our philosophy is to provide a reasonable service with a minimal environmental impact. Whether you are Read more […]

  • Mistaya Lodge

    Visit our secluded tree-line lodge for all levels of hiking, ski touring, snowshoeing and mountaineering surrounded by pristine peaks, glaciers and alpine meadows. Relax in the beauty and peace! An artist and photographer paradise! Great for families, couples, singles, reunions, work retreats, and small weddings. Certified guides lead throughout the Read more […]

  • Icefall Lodge

    Big mountains, deep snow and long runs are what Icefall Lodge is known for. With ski mountaineering peaks at 11,545 ft and valleys at 3400 ft, the vertical is the most of any lodge. No other users and a huge area to choose from means there is terrain for everyone’s Read more […]

  • Dezaiko Lodge

    The Dezaiko Range is located on the snowy western slope of the Rocky Mountains. It is big snow country and is still wild. You won’t see anyone else when you are here and won’t hear the thumping of helicopters or whine of snowmobiles. Dezaiko Lodge is situated at tree line Read more […]

  • Talus Lodge

    Welcome to the lodge in the sky. Talus is a back-to-the-basic refuge in the Canadian Rockies, nestled in larch trees, surrounded by spectacular vistas with yodel inducing hiking and whoop worthy backcountry skiing. Mountain souls will enjoy the simple pleasures of an authentic and unplugged wilderness experience.  At Talus, we Read more […]

  • Assiniboine Lodge

    Take a step back into Canadian history and experience a mountain adventure like no other. Built in 1928, Assiniboine Lodge is the birthplace of ski touring in North America. Retaining its rustic charm, the comfortable and cozy accommodations are the perfect base to explore the spectacular surroundings. The full service Read more […]

  • Amiskwi Lodge

    Amiskwi is a self-guided and self-catered lodge on the Yoho National Park boundary at 2,104 metres (6,900 ft). Spectacular scenery surrounds your hiking, skiing and snowboarding. The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, wood heat, solar lights, and two indoor composting toilets. The wood fired sauna heats the water for Read more […]