Summer Season is Upon Us

A new season is upon us at the BLBCA. Both in terms of the weather and our website.

The summer season is nearly here and our BLBCA lodges offering summer amenities are getting ready for another great year.

Opening in July, lodges will see visitors from all walks of life: hikers, mountaineers and climbers will descend on the lodges for this beautiful time in the backcountry. Summer season is also perfect for flora and fauna viewing, retreats and mountain biking.

We’ve recently redesigned our website, freshening up the appearance, streamlining content and emphasizing vivid imagery and video. We aim to provide insight and information with regards to all things BC backcountry and will continue to develop and grow the sight.

An area of continued focus will be our Blog & Video section, so check back regularly for updates. We plan to provide seasonal updates, lodge-owner perspectives, and stories from cooks, guides, office staff and much more. Plus keep you updated on the happenings and events at our 29 lodges.