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Help Us Support BC’s Backcountry! Become A BLBCA Affiliate Member.

For you, and generations of adventurers to follow, we need your help. Becoming an Affiliate Member is the perfect way for individuals to help support the goals and objectives of the BLBCA. The more voices we have, the more likely it is that we will succeed in preserving those special places that we love to spend time in.

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Influence decision-makers to support a level playing field regarding land planning. Ensure recreation values are considered as well as resource extraction values.

Support protection of wildlife, particularly the BC Gov’t’s Species and Ecosystems at Risk.

Support #RecreatingResponsibly in BC’s backcountry and alpine environments. #Regenerate and #Reconnect in the backcountry to support your physical and mental well-being.

Support the BLBCA’s role in expanding and enhancing a culture of stewardship. BLBCA member lodges often have “boots on the ground” and can help decision-makers collect data, enhance ecosystems and deter inappropriate land or water use.

Support BC’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport’s Strategic Framework – People, Prosperity, Planet.

Alignment with Destination BC’s – Winning Aspiration.

Help BLBCA members as they strive to improve their awareness and actions regarding accessibility, E.D.I. and BC’s Reconciliation process.


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Affiliate Membership Details

Benefits to the affiliate member may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Support of the BLBCA and its advocacy efforts as outlined above.
  • All ‘Membership Perks’ outlined above.
  • Recognition (if desired) of contribution/support on the BLBCA website.
  • Affiliate Members are encouraged to attend the public portion of the BLBCA AGM. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote on any resolution placed before the membership.
  • Membership will be renewed annually and is due on the 1st day of December each year. New memberships purchased part way through the year will be prorated on a monthly basis. The current rate of annual membership fees is $25.00. Affiliate members will be notified of any change to the membership fees prior to renewing their membership. of the BLBCA and its advocacy efforts as outlined above.
Affiliate Member Application

“When a guest stays in one of our member lodges in BC’s backcountry, they will be immersed in the wild natural coziness of lodge life.”