Affiliate Membership

Want to support the BLBCA and it’s initiatives in the backcountry?

Affiliate Membership is the perfect way for individuals to support the goals and objectives of the BLBCA.

Sign-up for Affiliate Membership ($25 fee) and you’ll also get a $25 discount coupon valid at True Outdoors!

Any individual (guest, staff, general public) who supports the goals and objectives of the BLBCA. Please review the ‘Membership Criteria’ in section below.

Affiliate Membership Details

  1. Any individual (guest, staff, general public) who supports the goals and objectives of the BLBCA as outlined below under the ‘Membership Criteria’ heading.
  2. Affiliate Members are encouraged to attend the public portion of the BLBCA AGM. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote on any resolution placed before the membership.
  3. Membership will be renewed annually and is due on the 1st day of December each year. New memberships purchased part way through the year will be prorated on a monthly basis. The current rate of annual membership fees is $25.00. Affiliate members will be notified of any change to the membership fees prior to renewing their membership.
  4. Benefits to the affiliate member may include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Support of the BLBCA and its advocacy efforts around land planning/zoning and non-mechanized/mechanized dispute resolutions. Increasing recognition of the contribution that the adventure tourism sector provides to our economy. The BLBCA actively supports Destination BC’s Super Natural BC’ branding. Preserving the natural environment is key to our support of the SARCO (Species at Risk Coordination) as well as informing and educating the public around the sensitivities of the ‘backcountry’. The BLBCA helps to enhance safety training by supporting Avalanche Canada, the Canadian Avalanche Association and other associations/initiatives.
    2. Receive the BLBCA’s twice-monthly Newsletter & access our popular social media channels.
    3. Recognition (if desired) of contribution/support on the BLBCA website.
    4. Direct notification of reduced rate trip opportunities due to late cancellations or vacancies at participating BLBCA lodges.
    5. Participation in applicable BLBCA ‘loyalty’ programs including discounts at participating retailers and/or manufacturers:
      • Receive a $25 discount coupon from True Outdoors after becoming an Affiliate Member.

“When a guest stays in one of our member lodges in BC’s backcountry, they will be immersed in the wild natural coziness of lodge life.”